Babywearing Halloween Costumes

First Published: Nov 21, 2015 9:00 AM

Thank you all for sharing your pictures with me! Here are some of my favorites. Hopefully they spark some ideas for you for next year. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter and subscribe to my blog (see the right side panel to enter your email to subscribe). As a bonus for subscribing to my newsletter you will receive not-yet-published Winter Babywearing Tips just in time for winter! I’ll also be sure to remind you of this post before Halloween next year.

Babywearing Halloween costumes can be simple or complex, expensive or cheap. Hopefully this post will inspire you for your Halloween costumes!

Here’s another picture of us from this year from Halloween right before going out to trick-or-treat (check out our ideas that we have done in past years in this post). Peach didn’t last on my back long, she decided to walk most of the time and I ended up leaving my wrap at home and using my Kinderpack to get her on and off quickly. She loves being wrapped but enjoyed asking for candy and walking with brothers more this Halloween.


Mario, Luigi, Yoshi (hat found on Etsy), and Princess Peach is wearing a pink dress and a hand made felt crown with an elastic running across inside and clipped to her hair. I’m wearing a 4.6 Natibaby Amazonia wrap.

Family Superhero theme by Elise H.


Spider on a mama spiderweb by Niki R.


Bank robber and her money bag by Jessica C.


Robber family with their money bag by Samantha O.


Grandma, Little Red Riding Hood, and the Big Bad Wolf by Stephanie H.

Two fun and groovy family costumes from the Zurovetz family from 2014 and 2015.



Which one is your favorite? Please feel free to comment below!



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