Breastfeeding in Public: Breastfeeding Cafe Blog Carnival Day 3

First Published: Jul 29, 2015 10:00 AM


Today’s topic is Breastfeeding in Public. If you’re interested in reading my previous Breastfeeding Carnival posts please check out my homeschooling blog here.

Breastfeeding in public has been a controversial topic in the culture in the USA for a long time. In my local area most people are very open to breastfeeding in public.

IMG_0275My favorite way to nurse in public is to use a baby carrier. This is using my Boba 4G carrier. I personally have the most success nursing in a Boba or in a woven wrap. There are many options to breastfeed and babywear though and I will talk about those in a later post.

Over the years I have had many many opportunities to nurse in public including in a train, in a plane, at church, at restaurants, at the library, at other people’s homes, at the zoo, at the County Fair, at rest stops and gas stations, in my car (while stopped), while traveling many miles across a few states (in the West that’s big!), at doctor’s offices, and wherever else my breastfeeding baby has gone with me.

Something that I have always done was wear a nursing undershirt. I love the two shirt method because you can use your regular shirts (maternity ones are better though because they pull up really easily) and pull your bra flap down under the undershirt. You can keep your body covered and your baby’s face covers up any exposed skin. With practice in front of the mirror you can see how discreet you are and most of the time people think you’re just holding a sleeping baby (which means less looks and negative comments). You don’t HAVE to do it this way, this is the way that makes me comfortable and I really like being discreet and modest and this is a way I have found to meet my baby’s needs while keeping covered without having to wear a big cover. Some moms prefer using a cover and that’s perfectly fine! None of my babies have liked them much so after they learned to latch well we ditched the cover and found out that less people notice you’re nursing without a cover anyways.

You can find information about the Breastfeeding Cafe Blog Carnival here. Here’s a link back to today’s post on the Breastfeeding Cafe’s blog.

What are your tips for nursing in public?

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