Hopes for the Future (and transferring over my blog)

First Published: Jul 27, 2015 10:55 PM.


This is my first blog post here and I’m transferring my posts from my previous blog on my website to have the power of WordPress with my blog. Please check out my other blog with posts about homeschooling, babywearing, and breastfeeding on Blogger. I hope to be able to share real life babywearing experience here as well as breastfeeding information, parenting information, local resources, relevant book and possibly product reviews, and other tidbits. Please share with your friends and be sure to comment!

Today I am going to talk a little about my hopes for the future. As you know, I was certified through the Babywearing Institute in Utah in 2013. I completed my coursework in March 2013 and became certified the end of May 2013. I have a passion for helping parents be able to wear their babies because it has been an integral part of parenting for our family since my first son was born. We have gotten through different special circumstances including breastfeeding issues, sensory issues, colic, reflux, shyness, pregnancy, occasional tandem wearing, and some unknown issues that made my daughter (and still make my daughter) have some struggles.

I am currently preparing to sit for the IBCLC exam in 2017. I am homeschooling my children and being an emotional support as my husband finishes his thesis so he can defend his Doctoral thesis this summer. As of writing, we don’t know where in the country we will end up but we’re looking forward to a new adventure. Babywearing and breastfeeding have been my bridge to meet new families and birth professionals and I look forward to finding my new tribe soon. I hope that I have the opportunity to continue to support Corvallis, Oregon parents while we are still here and I hope that I can continue to share resources that will be relevant to not only local families but families around the country and possibly around the world.

Over the coming years my hope is to support birth workers in all capacities and parents learn to wear their babies safely and ergonomically. I love to work WITH providers so that we can all benefit and help parents with sharing knowledge on topics that we are familiar with. I want to provide evidence based information and best practices.

What would you like to see me post about?


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