How Breastfeeding Has Changed My Life: Breastfeeding Cafe Blog Carnival Day 6

First Published: Aug 1, 2015 10:00 AM


Today’s topic is How Breastfeeding Has Changed My Life. If you’re interested in reading my previous Breastfeeding Carnival posts please check out my homeschooling blog here.

I always knew I wanted to breastfeed. I had a very strong desire to make it work. When I had to fight SO hard to be able to do it that fire made me want to help other mothers. I received so much help and support from support groups that I decided to become an accredited breastfeeding helper in one particular group. Because this is my business blog I don’t name names because it’s against the rules to mix causes but it’s really hard for me to separate the help and support I have received and given because it’s my passion so I mention but don’t name names.

I was inspired so much by the little help I got in the hospital as well as from a couple of REALLY awesome IBCLCs to go down that road. I hope to sit for the exam in April 2017. I hope to help mothers more hands on than I’m allowed to now and help with more tricky situations and work closely with doctors. It’s a huge bonus to get paid to do this work but that’s not what drives me. Breastfeeding opened so many doors of who I want to be and opened my heart to helping so many mothers. I have always been kind of shy but passions help me break that shyness and speak out.

I had the opportunity in the Winco parking lot of all places to help a mother who really needed help a few months ago. She noticed I was wearing an “Ask me about cloth diapers” t-shirt as I was loading my groceries and my daughter and we talked about cloth diapers for a minute but what she really needed was some help and support with breastfeeding. It was such a beautiful moment to be able to listen to this mother and offer her the support she needed. She especially needed to hear she was an awesome mom-she totally is! I could tell through her emotional pain from her struggles that she was a very devoted and dedicated mom to her baby. I saw myself in her. I saw myself crying as I was pumping and not able to hold and feed my newborn. I saw the pain that was in my eyes watching someone else feed my baby milk that was not mine, but formula (which has a place but it was not what I had planned), while I sat pumping and getting nothing out. I saw my pain being released from the hospital with no pump, no idea if or when my baby would latch, and no idea how to even get him to that point other than a phone number of a doctor to call the next morning to clip my son’s frenulum because it was so tight he couldn’t even try to latch. She had a very different situation than mine but it was the same emotions. I felt her struggles as she told me what was going on. I’m so grateful that I was there that day and was able to listen. In my situation, very few people would listen. Nobody had quality advice to give. It felt like everyone was telling me to pump for a week or two maybe and give up. I hope the mom walked away feeling hope. I know it was healing for me though. I am so glad that I have had opportunities to share knowledge and empathy. This one especially stands out to me because I saw my pain in her eyes.

Breastfeeding has been a roller coaster. Everything in my mothering life has been a roller coaster. Breastfeeding has made me who I am. Breastfeeding has healed me.

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

You can find information about the Breastfeeding Cafe Blog Carnival here. Here’s a link back to today’s post on the Breastfeeding Cafe’s blog.

How has breastfeeding impacted you or your family?

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