Wearing an Infant Until Sitting


This post continues the ages and stages babywearing series.  If you would like to learn more about newborn babywearing be sure to check out this post.

The spread squat position is still very important at this stage.  Be sure to read more about this in my newborn babywearing post.  When baby is in the carrier you are looking for this position (notice the curved spine and the knees higher than the bum (capital M position).

Carriers that are great to use in this stage are:

  • Ring slings
  • Woven wraps on the front or hip-please avoid back carries until at least 4 months in a woven wrap unless you are a very experienced back wrapper.  Even an advanced wrapper should wait until baby is about 6 weeks old and wrap for only short periods of time when absolutely necessary.  For more back wearing tips check out my next post in the series.
  • Gauze/Hybrid wraps (front or hip)
  • Soft Structure Carriers may start to fit but watch for any gapping between the carrier and baby’s neck which means that baby isn’t quite big enough for the carrier yet.

Stretchy wraps likely no longer support baby’s optimal hip positioning at this point (when baby is 12-15 lbs and up).  This is especially an important point to consider if baby has or is at risk for hip dysplasia.



Woven wraps are a great way to snuggle babies at this stage. Photo credit to Alicia Juniku.

Mei tais are better for babies that are able to sit on their own because they don’t offer as much support as other options at this point.  If your mei tai adjusts vertically and horizontally it may be a good option at this stage on the front and hip.

At this stage baby will start wanting to see more of the world.  Rather than turning baby to forward face out (which is not optimal positioning for baby’s spine or hips), practice turning YOUR body to allow baby to see who you’re talking to and what you’re seeing.


Turning your body (like in this picture) helps your baby to be able to see the world around them and interact with who you are speaking to. This is my now 8 year old when he was about 3 months.

I teach best practices for positioning for all babies because suboptimal positioning puts baby at risk for possible hip/spine issues down the road.  Like how drinking alcohol doesn’t ALWAYS cause liver disease or smoking doesn’t ALWAYS cause lung cancer the benefits and risks should be weighed when making decisions.  The risk is there and I recommend minimizing that risk.

If you’re in the Oklahoma City area and would like some hands on babywearing help please contact me or visit my website.

What is your favorite carrier for an infant?

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