First look at the NEW Boba X


Guess what JUST arrived?

Boba sent me a brand new Boba X to review. I can’t wait to share more with you this upcoming week. I want to give you a first look at it though!

Fluffy mail! As soon as my doorbell rang, I dropped everything and ran. I couldn’t wait to unbox and check it out.


Apparently the front of the box wasn’t going to give me any hints! But look at the back-still no pictures of what’s inside but I love this quote.


Are you ready for it?! Well, here it is!


Boba’s new carrier is rated to be worn from 7-45 lbs. It has features to narrow the body to fit a newborn and stretch to support a toddler. I’ll be reviewing this carrier and have asked for the assistance of some local families to help me review this carrier with babies of different ages and stages. Check out my post next Thursday for more information. Boba X will be available for shipping May 10th but you can go to their website to preorder now. New prints will be released over the coming weeks and months but for now it’s available in this gorgeous grey.

Boba also has a great video teaser on YouTube if you can’t get enough of this awesome new carrier.

*For full disclosure I am a Boba Ambassador. I became a Boba Ambassador because I love their products. They send me free products to review from time to time but I do not receive any other compensation from them. I like to offer my honest opinion and free products do not influence my views*

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