Nurturing Bonds Office

I’m excited to announce that the Nurturing Bonds office is open! I’m excited to be able to expand my schedule to serve more women and families in Oklahoma. I appreciate all of the prayers and positive thoughts through our difficulties we had and damages/losses we had during our move as well as the health issues that I faced this year. I’m healthy again and so grateful to be able to be back serving local families through breastfeeding and babywearing classes and consultations. Home visits are available in the evenings but priority is given to families with babies under 2 weeks, premature babies that are under 2 months, and babies and families with special circumstances within my service area. If you’re outside of my service area, my office is available. Besides having an extra cozy oversized glider, there are also pillows, an excercise ball, a nursing stool, a changing table, extra nursing pads, blankets, a lending library, and lots of other comforts to help you feel like you’re at home. Classes and consultations are available in my office. Here’s a glimpse at part of my office.


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