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Ashley Barrett, BA, IBCLC, RLC
IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), RLC (Registered Lactation Consultant), L-107832.
Lactation Educator
, Arizona State University course, August-September 2015.
Certified Babywearing Educator, The Babywearing Institute, Certified May 2013.

Founder and leader, Corvallis Babywearers, May 2012-September 2015.
Boba Ambassador, 2014-present.
Volunteer Breastfeeding Helper, an International recognized breastfeeding organization, September 2011-present.
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Weber State University, Ogden, UT, 2008.

I have been babywearing and breastfeeding since my oldest son (8) was born. I found out about babywearing while I was pregnant and was really excited and knew I wanted to make it work. I started with a pouch sling (which I wasn’t a big fan of) and soon got in to wrapping with a Sleepy Wrap. Later I bought an Ergo but sold it after trying a Beco Butterfly. Several ring slings, a woven wrap, and other various carriers later I am still occasionally wearing my second son, Kangaroo, who is 4 and wear our little R girl (born December 2013). My favorite carriers are always changing depending on the situation but I especially love my Kinderpack, Boba, and various woven wraps. I am a Certified Babywearing Educator through The Babywearing Institute (certified May 2013).

In my breastfeeding journey we have battled varying degrees of tongue and lip ties with all 3 of my children, nipple confusion, nipple shields, mastitis, plugged ducts, oversupply and overactive let down, sucking issues, and several other breastfeeding problems. I have had the opportunities to educate myself further in tongue and lip ties and continually seek out more information so that I can specialize in infant sucking issues.  As a Lactation Educator and a volunteer breastfeeding supporter I have had the opportunity to help hundreds of mothers through breastfeeding difficulties and be a supporter through normal breastfeeding concerns and expectations.  I provide non-judgmental support and help you meet YOUR breastfeeding goals.  I passed the IBCLC exam in October 2016.

I am also a WAHM (work at home mom) and small business owner of Monkey Bunns which features hand knit diaper covers and other hand knits for babies, kids, and the whole family. I am a former LLL leader and now hold a breastfeeding support group in the OKC metro area.  I love helping moms succeed at breastfeeding. I earned my Bachelors in Psychology from Weber State University in Ogden, UT and was able to help start a babywearing group there after my oldest was born. I began Corvallis Babywearers when I saw parents forward facing out in an Ergo with baby’s legs dangling down out of the waistband (very unsafe and against manufacturer’s recommendations) and a newborn in a framed backpack. I heard from many parents that they didn’t know other options even existed! After being on a tight budget myself and having to make babywearing work on such a small budget I knew there was a need in the community to offer a lending library so parents could try out other carriers. Corvallis Babywearers was established May 26, 2012. My husband just received his PhD from Oregon State University. We are laying down roots in Oklahoma City where my husband received a job October 2015.

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