Business Spotlight: Brittney Kohl of Glorious Moments Birth Services


Welcome to my Business Spotlight series!  I am kicking off my spotlight with the fabulous Brittney Kohl of Glorious Moments Birth.  Brittney is a member of the OKC Metro Birth Professionals with me.  She is a CLC, birth doula, hypno-doula, and postpartum doula (in training).  She is the mother of two and a military wife.  I had the opportunity to interview her so we could learn more about her and what she does.

Ashley: Tell me a little bit about you! How many children do you have? How old are they?
Brittney: Hello! I am Brittney Kohl with Glorious Moments Birth Services. I am a Birth Doula, Hypno-Doula, Lactation Counselor and Postpartum Doula (in training). I am a mom of two sweet and rambunctious little boys, age 3 and 18 months.

A: Tell me a little about your family and what you like to do together?
B: We are an energetic family. Or at least my boys are! My husband is hardworking and proud to serve his country. It brings him great joy to play a small part in the Air Force.

A: What got you involved in birth work?
B: For the birth of my first son, I had a great friend who offered to be my doula. Her fantastic support blew me away! I realized I wanted to help women feel loved, cared for, respected and supported in the same way. So I jumped right in!

A:How long have you been a doula?
B: I became a doula in the fall of 2014. So, I have been doing doula work for a little over 2 years.


A: What is your training/experience?

B: My first training was through DONA International. I really enjoyed my training, and learned a ton. But for personal, and business reasons, I chose not to certify with DONA.
Later, I decided becoming a Hypno-Doula could greatly benefit the families I supported who chose to implement self-hypnosis for their labor and birth journey. I had used Hypnobabies for my own birth, and saw how well it worked for me, as well as seeing how well it worked for other hypno-moms. So, I certified through Hypnobabies.

During my second pregnancy, I decided I wanted to spend time focusing on breastfeeding, and how I could better assist mothers in solving breastfeeding challenges. So, when he was still a little bitty baby, I attended a Certified Lactation Counselor training, instructed by the Healthy Children’s Center for Breastfeeding and certified through the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice. It was interesting being a pumping mom during our training, and rushing home during lunched to nurse him! But it helped me see how I can also help
moms who choose to pump milk for their babies and still be a workin’ mama!

Right now I am certifying through Birth Arts International as a postpartum doula.

A: What do you like to do when you aren’t doing doula work?
B: When I am not doing doula or lactation work, I like to play with my boys, read, or watch movies. Right now I am spending time either working, caring for my family, serving in church or studying for my postpartum doula training.

A: What services do you currently offer?
B: Currently I offer birth doula, hypno doula, postpartum doula, and lactation services. My package information can be found on my website. I do offer breastfeeding assessments and assistance in the comfort of mothers home’s. I have a breastfeeding class that is a work in progress, but it’s not my main focus right now.


A: If you were stranded on a deserted island with a pregnant mother and could request 5 things to be dropped down to you what would those items be?
B: I trust in birth, and really don’t believe she needs any “items”. Her baby will come, and she will bring it into this world wonderfully. I would support her in whatever way was best for her. If I had to ask for a few things though, it would probably be clean blankets to birth on, herbal/homeopathic remedies for postpartum healing, and items to feed and clothe mother and baby.

A: What is the ONE item that you think every mother should have during labor?
B: A water bottle. ALL moms need to stay hydrated. This is so very important. It helps you, and it helps your baby. Drink up!

A: What is the ONE thing (besides a doula) that a mother should do/have/read to prepare for labor and birth?
B: Moms should prepare mentally. Your uterus and your baby know what to do. Women were designed to birth.

But, sometimes we get in our own way with our thoughts and fears. Every mom will do this mental preparation differently: some use hypnobabies, affirmations, breathing techniques, mantras, prayer, scripture quotes, etc. But it’s important to remember that you CAN do it. And in the moment you ARE doing it! I believe in you. You should believe in yourself too. You are strong and wise.

A: Why do you think moms should have a doula at their birth?
B: Knowledgeable, loving support. It could be a doula, but it could also be her husband, her mother, or a good friend. So long as she is cared for and respected, she will be happier with her birth experience. The nice thing about a doula, is she is specifically trained to know how to help a laboring mother, she has a passion for this work (at least she should!), and she does this all the time. She has a lot of tools, and she knows how to connect with you so that you can have a more positive experience.

A: What should moms ask a doula they’re interviewing to help them find the right doula for her and her spouse/partner?
B: I feel it’s important to ask her personality type, or how she normally serves her clients. All doulas are different. I’m not meant to be everyone’s doula, but I am the right doula for some women.


A: Tell me about your favorite birth moment.
B: Honestly my favorite birth moments are the birth of my own children. My 2nd child was born en caul at home, and that was really neat. But my favorite birth moment as a doula was watching a mother deliver her OP baby (facing moms front instead her back). It’s harder labor for moms to deliver this way, but I was in awe at how well this mother labored and brought her baby into the world.

A: What are your goals for the next few years?
B: This year I want to finish my postpartum doula training. Over the next few years, I plan to continue my studies by reading and attending local education opportunities, but my focus will be on serving more families. I’m not going to overload my plate, as my family and clients deserve good care.

A: Where can we go to learn more about you and your business?
B: You can visit my page by searching @GloriousMomentsBirth on Facebook, or by visiting my website
You can also contact me at (505) 554-8441


A: Any final words?
B: Thank you so much Ashley for spotlighting me on your blog. I know I am called to do this glorious work and I am so thankful for each family that invites me into their sacred birthing space! I hope this post helps families get a feel for me and how I can help them along their journey.

Thank you Brittney!  I really appreciate working along side Brittney because she’s very sweet and brings such a calm spirit and presence in the room.  She is very good and knowledgeable in her work.