Why You Should Have a Consultation with a Certified Babywearing Educator

First Published: Jul 27, 2015 11:06 PM


Why pay a Certified Babywearing Educator when there are free options for babywearing help?

There are a lot of free babywearing helpers out there. Babywearing groups are wonderful and are a great way to get together with other babywearers. I have started 2 groups, 1 was taken over by another mom when we were about to move out of state, the other has been running successfully in Corvallis, Oregon since May 2012. Babywearing groups are wonderful places to be around other wearers, get some help perfecting a specific carry, or check out a new carrier. One on one consultations are much more in depth because all of the Educator’s time and attention is focused on YOU and YOUR baby rather than a couple minutes of help here and there while the group leaders try to help everyone out.

I have been certified by the Babywearing Institute in 2013 after attending the beginning and advanced babywearing courses. This means that I have spent 4 days of intense, hands on studying beyond my own experience and studying as a babywearing group leader. A lot of our time in the coursework was spent learning about normal baby anatomy and physiology of the hips and spine and how to support those with proper carriers. I also learned about many different special circumstances and how to support those through babywearing. I was able to experience nearly every brand of carrier on the market as well as many babywearing accessories. I learned about best practices in babywearing and how to support babies and parents using up to date research and evidence based practices. I also passed a written exam and had hands on practice during and after class. You can find out a little more about The Babywearing Institute by clicking the link. Certified Babywearing Educators promote best practices and safe babywearing. I can help you make your carrier work for you in most circumstances as well as offer suggestions and help you find a carrier that fits your budget.

What happens during a consultation?

When you book a consultation with me I will gather some information from you through a Google Doc form. This will help me to know more about you and your situation so that I can spend our time (and your money) well. I cater the consultation to each family so they all look quite different but there are elements that are the same.

  • I always start out having parents (and any other adults present) sign a waver. I will teach you how to wear your baby safely. It is your responsibility to take care as well as consult with your doctor and your baby’s doctor if you have any conditions which may cause harm to your body while babywearing.
  • I will sit down with you and teach you a little about the development of your baby’s spine and hips. Learning this background information will help you judge if a carry or carrier that you see will promote best practices and be safe and ergonomic for both you and your baby.
  • I will show you a few different carriers. I will demonstrate a carry, allow you to try a carry with the weighted demo baby, and help you with a carry with your baby. We will usually limit to 1-2 carries so that those can be perfected in our time together and so that you will feel comfortable doing the carry even in the middle of the night.
  • I will be available to you with unlimited email support after our consultation.
  • I will provide you with handouts and brochures as well as a DVD about wrapping.
  • I will help you with your carrier if you already have one and help it work for you.
  • I will give you some suggestions of other carriers that you may be interested in based on our conversations as well as the information I gather from you before we meet.
  • I give a discount on follow up sessions to use if you want to try another carry or try wearing your baby on your back (when your baby is large enough and old enough).

Please contact me today to book a consultation. You can email me by clicking here.