Babywearing Halloween Costumes

First Published: Nov 21, 2015 9:00 AM

Thank you all for sharing your pictures with me! Here are some of my favorites. Hopefully they spark some ideas for you for next year. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter and subscribe to my blog (see the right side panel to enter your email to subscribe). As a bonus for subscribing to my newsletter you will receive not-yet-published Winter Babywearing Tips just in time for winter! I’ll also be sure to remind you of this post before Halloween next year.

Babywearing Halloween costumes can be simple or complex, expensive or cheap. Hopefully this post will inspire you for your Halloween costumes!

Here’s another picture of us from this year from Halloween right before going out to trick-or-treat (check out our ideas that we have done in past years in this post). Peach didn’t last on my back long, she decided to walk most of the time and I ended up leaving my wrap at home and using my Kinderpack to get her on and off quickly. She loves being wrapped but enjoyed asking for candy and walking with brothers more this Halloween.


Mario, Luigi, Yoshi (hat found on Etsy), and Princess Peach is wearing a pink dress and a hand made felt crown with an elastic running across inside and clipped to her hair. I’m wearing a 4.6 Natibaby Amazonia wrap.

Family Superhero theme by Elise H.


Spider on a mama spiderweb by Niki R.


Bank robber and her money bag by Jessica C.


Robber family with their money bag by Samantha O.


Grandma, Little Red Riding Hood, and the Big Bad Wolf by Stephanie H.

Two fun and groovy family costumes from the Zurovetz family from 2014 and 2015.



Which one is your favorite? Please feel free to comment below!



Our Babywearing Costumes-Past and Present

First Published: Oct 24, 2015 3:27 PM

We have had a few costumes that we have incorporated babywearing in to in the past. I will share those with you first in order of most recent (taken yesterday at a Trunk-or-Treat party) to oldest. I also will share some cute Halloween pictures from before we did babywearing costumes special because who doesn’t love seeing cute kids in Halloween costumes?!

I would love to do a Halloween costumes idea post so if you’re interested please email me at with your pictures and let me know that you’re ok with me sharing them in a post on my blog (please state that or I won’t be able to share them!). Please send me your pictures by November 2nd! (Must be YOUR picture and you must have the rights to it).

2015: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Princess Peach

Princess Peach was saved just in time after getting in trouble again. Yoshi came to the rescue to carry her to safety. The Mario brothers succeeded again! (I knit the boys’ hats, sewed the felt crown, and got the Yoshi hat off of Etsy)


2015kidshalloween 2015halloweenbrothers 2015gopeachhalloween

2014: My Minions

I don’t have a picture of my little gal on my back but I did carry her on my back for our town’s downtown trick-or-treating as well as at night. I had minions climbing all over me and doing my bidding! (I knit their hats).


2013: Ninja Turtles (including the baby in the belly!)

The ultimate babywearing is the wearing a mama does before a baby is born. This was our second year of a family theme. The picture was taken at our downtown trick-or-treating by a friend.


2012: Thomas and Friends.

This was our first family theme and first time really incorporating babywearing in to our costumes. My oldest really wanted to be Thomas, my husband was Sir Topham Hat, I was Rosie (an engine on some of the episodes), and my little man was my conductor. I don’t have another picture of him because he was too wiggly at the time but he did have the stripped overalls and everything and looked adorable. The Peekaru kept me toasty while we went trick-or-treating. This was taken at a trunk or treat a week before, my husband was gone for Halloween this year.

2012halloween2011: The first year I wore one of my kiddos to go trick-or-treating.

Monkey really wanted to be a spider this year, K-man was super in to froggies. I made both of their costumes (including the knit hat on K-man). Sorry for the grainy pictures. My iPod didn’t take all that great of pictures and I forgot to take ones with my better camera but they were still super cute so I wanted to share the pictures anyways.

2011halloween 2011halloweenspider

And the years that I babywore but not for trick-or-treating because we just drove to each grandmas’ houses.

2010: Monkey was a monkey! (And K-man was in my belly)


2009: Stewie from Family Guy (Hubby’s pick-I did wear him most of the day though)


2008: Monkey’s first Halloween, sweet little Pumpkin


Thank you to my dad for taking this picture!

How have you incorporated babywearing in to your costume? Don’t forget to send your pictures by November 2!