New Year, New Name, New Blog!


Welcome to my new blog, Nurturing Bonds.  For all of you that have come on over through the transition from Monkey Baby Wrap to Babywearing With Ashley thank you for your support!  I am very excited to start 2016 with a new *PERMANENT* name as I grow in to my new business offering breastfeeding AND babywearing support.  I hope you will enjoy my upcoming posts focusing not only on babywearing but also on breastfeeding.  I have moved all of my posts from my Babywearing With Ashley blog over to this blog so please do check out my earlier posts.  Wishing you all a happy 2016!

What would you like to see me post about this year?

Welcome to the Nurturing Bonds Blog

Welcome to my new blog! Nurturing Bonds LLC will be launching in January 2016. I will be providing breastfeeding and babywearing support in the Southwest Oklahoma City area.  I hope that this blog will be an excellent resource to everyone seeking breastfeeding or babywearing help around the country though.  Be sure to follow this blog for updates.  If you’re here from Babywearing With Ashley thank you for coming over!  I look forward to posting on this site and I look forward to serving this area!


Special thank you to Alicia Juniku for capturing this sweet moment breastfeeding my 3rd baby who is almost 2 now.